Welcome To The Team Rav & Miles!

In April, Penny Post welcomed two new recruits, Rav and Miles, to the Penny Post Team! Rav joins the Customer Service team as the Customer Service Apprentice, while Miles joins the team as the new Marketing Officer. We asked them both about how they are finding it so far, what attracted them to their roles and what they are hoping to achieve in their new positions!


“Hi there, I’m Rav and I’m one of the newer additions to the Penny Post team, more specifically as part of the customer service team as an apprentice.

Starting a job and working  from home is a brand-new  experience for me but one I am enjoying so far. It will be good to finally meet everyone in person for the first time and get working in the office too, hopefully in the coming months. Everyone has been really friendly and has made me feel welcome.  So far, the work has been interesting as I am learning how to do all the different day to day tasks and seeing how Penny Post operates.

The role at Penny Post was really appealing to me for a number of reasons. Having read through the website and seeing their posts, it was clear that they truly care about their staff and members of the credit union. Also, being one of the largest credit unions in the country was another reason for wanting to apply. 

When I’m not working, most of my spare time is spent playing cricket which I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. I also enjoy going to the cinema and spending time out with my mates, which hopefully we can all enjoy doing more of again as restrictions ease.

While I work my way through this apprenticeship with Penny Post, firstly I hope to gain my customer service qualification but also want to improve my personal skills as well. Hopefully by being on the phones each day I will be able to grow my confidence and become more comfortable dealing with members.  

I’m  really excited for what the future holds as I work my way through the apprenticeship, and I’m extremely happy to be a part of the Penny Post team!”


“My time in the role so far has been a massive learning curve to say the least! Within my first two weeks on the job, I started managing the company’s social media channels and helped to set up our Green Fingers Giveaway, one the largest competitions we have ever done all while working from home!

While it has been a challenge, I have enjoyed it. The Penny Post family welcomed me with open arms and helped me to quickly settle into my role.

I applied for this role because I was extremely fond of the different opportunities Penny Post had for development. Already, I have been on several courses and have been briefed on even more opportunities that are available to help aid my development. I am also a big fan of credit unions and their objectives as I feel that helping people to improve their financial position is extremely important.

During my time in this role, I hope to complete a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification and gain some practical marketing experience to help develop my skillset and my understanding of marketing. I can already see a massive improvement in my understanding of marketing and my skillset even though I have only been in the role for just over a month now!

When I am not at Penny Post promoting our 5* affordable loans, I enjoy exploring new cities, spending time with family and friends and spending all the money I have earned on ASOS!”

Rav and Miles have settled in well to their new roles, and yesterday met the Penny Post Board for the first time at a virtual meeting. Both are looking forward to meeting their Penny Post team members in person when we return to the office, but until then they’ll continue to help the team support our members from home!

Good luck Rav and Miles in your new roles, and members, do say ‘hello’ to our newest Team members when you call in!