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All Royal Mail Group, Post Office Limited and Parcelforce Worldwide employees can join Penny Post and it’s free to become a member. Membership is also open to members & retired members of the Communication Workers Union or Unite the Union.

Opening an Account

It’s quick and easy to join Penny Post! Simply complete our online Membership Application.

We are required by law to confirm the identity and address of all new members. We do this electronically using an online provider, for your convenience. Occasionally, we are unable to confirm your details and will ask you to provide additional documentation to confirm your ID and address. Alternatively, call our Customer Services Team on 0333 332 1461 during office hours, to complete a telephone membership application.

Who else can join?

Family living at a member’s address are also welcome to join. Don’t worry if family members are not Royal Mail Group employees – they can save into their Penny Post savings account by setting up a regular standing order from a bank or building society.

Children & Grandchildren welcome too! Our Young Saver account for children or grandchildren of Penny Post members is a great way to teach children to save and manage money, or for parents, guardians and grandparents to put money aside for their youngsters on a regular basis. Click here for more information.

Recommend a Colleague & receive £10
  • Recommend Penny Post membership to a work colleague, and when they join, we’ll give you a £10 Member Bonus to say ‘thank you’.
  • Your colleague simply needs to include your name in the ‘recommended by’ box on our membership application form.
  • The £10 Member Bonus will be credited to your Regular Savings account once the new member’s application has been processed.
  • There is no limit to the number of people you can recommend – you’ll receive a £10 Member Bonus for each colleague who includes your name in the ‘recommended by’ box.
  • As members know, savings and loans straight from your pay is so easy. If you love being a Penny Post member, please spread the word, share your experiences with work colleagues and help us give them the same great service!
  • More information here
Our Common Bond

A requirement of the credit union regulator is that credit union members have something in common with one another.  This is known as the credit union’s ‘common bond’ and determines who can join a credit union. 

Penny Post’s common bond is as follows:-

Admission to membership of the Credit Union is restricted to:

a) An individual who is employed by the following employer:

i. Royal Mail Group (or its successors)
ii. Parcelforce
iii. Post Office Limited
iv. Angard Staffing
v. Royal Mail Property & Facilities Ltd (including RM Manufacturing)
vi. Quadrant
vii. RoMEC
viii. Penny Post Credit Union Limited

b) An individual who is a member or retired member of the following bona fide
organisations –

The Communication Workers Union or Unite the Union

c) an individual who is a member of the same household as, and is a relative of, an
individual who is a member of the credit union and falls directly within the common
bond specified above

Information for CWU & Unite members

All members and retired members of the CWU and Unite are welcome to join Penny Post!  If not a Royal Mail Group employee, you can save into your Penny Post savings account, or repay a loan, by setting up a standing order with your bank or building society.
When you join, we will need proof of your CWU or Unite membership, and will ask you to provide a copy of:

  • A recent payslip dated within the last month, for current members
  • or a bank statement showing a subscription payment, or recent correspondence from the union, for retired members

Please note – Penny Post Credit Union is part of the Penny Post Group, along with our sister credit unions, Voyager Alliance and Retail CU. If you are already an existing member of Voyager Alliance or Retail CU, you are unable to join Penny Post too.

Why join? Check out these benefits below:

Saving made easy!

It’s so easy to save with Penny Post. Save a few ££s straight from your pay and watch your savings grow. With a range of saving accounts from the Christmas account paying an extra 1% dividend to the interest-bearing Prime account, Penny Post is here to help you save.

Flexible & Convenient Loans

From time to time we all need to borrow, and Penny Post is here to help. We offer members a range of 5* award winning Personal Loans with manageable repayments straight from your pay.

Payroll Deduction

Savings and loan repayments are deducted directly from your weekly or monthly pay. As the money is taken directly from your wages/salary, you tend not to miss it! It really is the easy way to save, and borrow when you need to!

For members leaving Royal Mail, and family members, we will set up a Standing Order with your bank or building society.

FSCS Protection

Members money with Penny Post is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit protection scheme, to the value of £85,000. However, the maximum a member can hold with Penny Post across all their accounts is £50,000, meaning all your savings with us are covered. Click here for further information on the FSCS.

Attractive Dividend on Savings

Penny Post is owned by and run for the benefit of our members. When you join, you become a ‘member’ and a ‘shareholder’ in Penny Post Credit Union. Any profits made are shared in the form of an annual dividend agreed by members at our Annual General Meeting.

*Dividends are not guaranteed. The rate payable is dependent on financial performance and voted on by members at the AGM.

Quality Service, No Fees

The Penny Post team are committed to providing exceptional customer services to all members. There are no membership or annual fees, no transaction charges and no arrangement fees.

*Dormant accounts may incur an annual charge

Bereavement Fund

The Penny Post Bereavement Fund is a FREE benefit for all Penny Post members, giving peace of mind and up to £5,000 financial help to your loved ones in the event of a your death. Click here for more information.

Members Quotes

“Staff always helpful. You feel like you are speaking to a member of your family.”


“The service is fantastic. Always very helpful. I can't fault them.”


"Very friendly staff, great opportunities to save or borrow money. All in all they are brilliant!"


"The automatic deductions from my wages has allowed me to save and repay loan without planning."


"Nivo is a great service & really simple to use. Very clear instructions & seems very secure with ID face recognition. The response times are very quick, impressed with the service."

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