Welcome Julie!

We welcomed Julie to the Penny Post team earlier this month! Julie is the newest member of our Customer Service Team and after a whirlwind first week, we caught up with Julie to learn more about her and find out how she’s getting on.

Julie previously worked at Royal Mail for nearly 24 years! During her time at Royal Mail, Julie worked late nights, early morning and even throughout the night so now she has joined our Customer Service Team, Julie is getting used to her new routine.

Julie was a loyal member of Penny Post even before joining our Customer Service Team and saved straight from her pay for 20 years while working at Royal Mail. Upon leaving Royal Mail she was so pleased to know that she could set up a Standing Order to continue saving with us and reap the benefits of being a member with us. “Penny Post is with you for life!” Julie said when telling us about how she set up her hassle-free Standing Order to continue saving.

With motivation on her side and looking for a career change, Julie went back to college to complete a business course to help improve her skills and knowledge. Julie continued to follow us on social media and was thrilled to see we were looking to expand our Customer Service Team and applied straight away!

“There’s lots to take in, but I am really enjoying the challenge” Julie said when we asked her how she found her first week with us. Julie fits right in with our enthusiastic team and after working the night shift for so long, Julie loves being able to engage with members and help them get the most out of their Penny Post membership!

Good luck Julie in your new role, and members do say ‘hello’ if Julie is on the other end of the phone!