Tracey Retires

After almost 22 years with Penny Post, we say farewell to Tracey Moore, who retires today.

Officially Penny Post’s 2nd employee, Tracey joined in October 2000, initially to cover Fridays. “As Friday was pay day, poor Tracey ended up with the busiest day of the week!” remembers Louise Ingleby, Penny Post’s first employee. “Over the years’ Tracey has done everything and has always been prepared to roll up her sleeves and muck in as required” continues Louise.

In the early days Tracey worked alongside Roy Cole, Penny Post’s Manager for 21 years. “It was a steep learning curve for Tracey, she had not worked outside the home for a while and it was totally different from her previous work experience” remembers Roy. “However, she coped with the credit union work magnificently, which was excellent, especially as we changed our policy and procedures almost every week!”

“There were times when I needed to leave the office, I knew Tracey could cope and she did” continues Roy. “A particularly incident took place while I was away. A customer with obvious anger issues paid a visit to the office. Luckily, Tracey managed to calm him down and call reinforcements from a Royal Mail employee who was nearby. All ended well.”

On another occasion, the fire alarm kept going off, and Roy got so fed up of going in and out of the building, he took Tracey for a long lunch!

When Tracey joined Penny Post things were very different to how the credit union runs nowadays! For several years there was only 1 computer that Tracey shared, so it was a case of ‘musical chairs’ depending on what tasks needed to be done! Payroll changes had to be sent by post to about 10 different payroll centres and you never knew when they would be actioned. The team used to issue cashable cheques that could be cashed at various Co-op Bank branches – on a Friday the phone would ring non-stop and the team had writer’s cramp from hand writing all the cheques! There was fraudulent activity one Friday when it was discovered that some our cheques had been cloned, resulting in the Manager of the Co-op Bank in Stafford locking up a female in the branch until the police arrived to arrest her!

Penny Post used to be based in the little room next to the kitchen, and Tracey remembers how hot it would get in there. One day, the heat was particularly overbearing, even with both doors open and air con unit at full blast, so Roy went out and bought the staff ice creams to help them cool down!

Back in the day, business banking was accessed via a dial-up modem. “When uploading a file, it made a right noise and you sat and watch the little bar progress across the screen, only for it to drop out just before the end (and it had probably taken 10 mins to get there) and you had to start again” remembers Tracey!

As Penny Post grew, Tracey focussed on Customer Services. Always putting members first, always supportive of the Team, and with an eye for detail, Tracey was Supervisor for many years and managed Jas and Hannah when they began their apprenticeships in 2017. “I still remember her friendly smile on my first day, she was so welcoming” says Jas Kaur. “Tracey taught me and Han the ins and outs of the customer service role, and I remember being in awe of how much she knew!”

“Tracey has been a lovely supportive manager and colleague, and we will all miss her!” continues Jas. “I cannot thank her enough for her training and support. She was there when Han and I completed our apprenticeships, supported me when I graduated from CU Futures and when I was a finalist at the BCCC Awards. Tracey has seen how much I’ve grown, and even seen me get engaged! At Penny Post we are definitely a work ‘family’, one which Tracey is an integral part of. We all wish Tracey a very lovely retirement.”

Wanting to spend more time with her new grandson, Tracey opted to reduce her work hours in 2019, and for the past 3 years has primarily worked in the Finance Team.

“My husband retired several years ago and now seems the right time to do the same” said Tracey. “We love our garden, we have other plans, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family. I’m proud of how Penny Post has grown, and I know it’s in safe hands with all my colleagues”.

Enjoy your retirement Tracey, we’re really going to miss you!