Summer Holiday Festival Winners

A massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who took part in our Summer Holiday Festival, as we celebrate the Great British Summer!

We’ve loved reading your witty comments and hearing which work colleagues you’d choose to be stuck on a desert island with! Humour, love and practical help were your most popular reasons for selecting colleagues!

Mobile phones, toothbrushes and hammocks were the most requested luxuries you would have to take to a Desert Island! One member requested solar powered air conditioning, another chocolate (would it melt?), and another would have to take moisturizing cream! Other luxuries we loved included a metal detector to help find treasure, a computerised telescope, a guitar and a well-stocked library! And perhaps the member who said he’d take ‘the wife, she must be a luxury the amount she costs, not sure I would bring her home though’, should remain anonymous!

Drum roll please…. it’s time to reveal the winners of our Summer Holiday Festival :-

Alistair from Weymouth was the lucky winner of £150 holiday spending money! The one luxury Alistair would have to take to a Desert Island is ‘a fishing rod’! Alistair was on holiday in Crete when we contacted him with the good news and said “you’re joking! I haven’t won anything for years!”

Keith from Liverpool, Jaynie from Hull and Mark from Fareham were the 3 winners in the wackiest holiday gear competition, and each win £50 holiday spending money!

Well done again to Alistair, Keith, Jaynie and Mark, and thank you to everyone who took time to enter!

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