Penny Post Takes The Fairlife Pledge

Penny Post Credit Union is proud to have taken the FairLife Pledge with the FairLife Charity and is pleased and honoured to display the FairLife fair-trading Mark. This represents a pledge to price honestly and trade fairly with our customers and confirms Penny Post is a business you can trust.

The FairLife Pledge

By displaying the FairLife Mark, Penny Post Credit Union pledges to –

  • Trade fairly with our members
  • Price honestly within the constraints of the market
  • Follow the spirit as well as the letter of our regulator’s rules and principles with an emphasis on treating customers fairly
  • Embrace good practice within the constraints of the market
  • Ensure communications and charging structures are clear, fair and not misleading
  • Ensure members’ money is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). 

The FairLife Mark

The FairLife Mark guides you to products you can trust, whilst allowing competition and consumer choice to flourish. It helps make the finance industry work for you –

  • By making the products you use better & easier to understand
  • By guiding you to companies you can trust; firms that price honestly and trade fairly with their consumers
  • By helping you to choose what you need faster and with more confidence

By displaying the FairLife Mark, Penny Post is demonstrating its commitment to putting the wellbeing of members at the heart of its business.

The FairLife Charity

The FairLife Charity is dedicated to raising standards in finance and improving everyone’s lives by improving the finance products we all use every day. It does this by awarding their fair-trading FairLife Mark and improving financial education.
The FairLife Mark covers all areas of finance –

  • Fair Trading ensures that what you buy is fairly traded and honestly priced
  • Financial Education helps you to save money and to choose what you need with confidence
  • Social Impact encourages all organisations to help you be more financially secure

For more information visit the FairLife website here.
Please note – the FairLife Mark does not say –

  • A product is best value
  • A product is suitable for you
  • Individuals are not responsible for their own financial decisions

A bad choice may lead to a bad outcome regardless of the FairLife Mark; so it’s important to still do some checking and ensure you are making the best decision for you.