Penny Post member wins £5,000

Two more lucky Penny Post members won prizes in the August PrizeSaver draw, with Stephen from Dudley winning £20, and Neil from Newport winning the £5,000 main prize!

Since joining PrizeSaver last Autumn, 7 lucky Penny Post winners have shared £5150 in cash prizes, just by opening a PrizeSaver account! Saving feels good and winning definitely feels great for these lucky members, and as Stephen said, when hearing he was a lucky winner, “every little helps”!

We caught up with Neil, Penny Post’s first ever £5,000 winner, to find out more about his fantastic win!

“Oh my god, that’s extraordinary” said Neil, when we called him last week with the news. “I’m blown away, thank you!”

Newport based Neil has been a Penny Post member since 2012, having joined on the recommendation of a work colleague. “It’s an easy way to save and a great way to put money away for Christmas” said Neil. “Its nice to see how small amounts grow and you also have the potential to take out a loan if required.”

Neil opened his PrizeSaver account after reading about another member winning £20 in the June Members’ Update. “It seemed a good option, was easy to open, and of course there’s the chance to win” continues Neil, “although I never thought I’d win the £5,000!”

So, what plans does Neil have for his prize?

“Firstly, we’re planning a celebration family meal, and I’m looking forward to looking at the fine wines list for a change, rather than the usual house selection! Then we are going to enjoy some winter sun in the Canary Islands. Somewhere nice and quiet in the mountains, but not too far from the sea!”

And what do Neil’s family think about his win? “The family are all very pleased, and definitely paying me more attention than usual”, laughs Neil!

And Neil’s final thoughts? “I really want to encourage other Penny Post members to open a PrizeSaver account. As it says, it really is a no brainer, and you could be as lucky as me!”

Have you opened a PrizeSaver account yet?

For a chance to win £5,000 every month, open your PrizeSaver with as little as £1 by transferring funds from an existing Penny Post account. You can have up to £200 in your PrizeSaver account, funds still earn a dividend* and can be withdrawn at any time, so it really is a no-brainer!

Open your PrizeSaver account in minutes using Nivo or contact our Customer Service Team and complete an application form.

Remember, you have to be in it, to win it!

More about PrizeSaver, including Terms & Conditions, here.

*Dividends are not guaranteed. The rate payable is dependent on financial performance and voted on by members at the Annual General Meeting.