Penny Post Loan Saves The Day

One of our members is currently stuck in Asia, with no flights available for at least a month.

Although family over there are providing a bed for him in the short term, he has other expenses that he didn’t expect. He has medical issues and had taken enough medicines to see him through the holiday and a bit extra, but is now about to exhaust his supplies. He has to pay for this medication in Asia and needed to find money quickly.

He contacted Penny Post by email as a matter of urgency, and we were able to process a loan for him and get the money into his account in 1 hour and 40 minutes!! Covid-19 won’t stop us helping our members when they need us!

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and think a Penny Post loan could help, please contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss your situation. All decisions are made on a individual basis, based on affordability and personal circumstances.