Jas gets Engaged!

Some exciting news! Jas gets engaged!

Congratulations to Penny Post Chief Operations Officer, Jas Kaur, and her fiancé Happy Ghag, on announcing their engagement! We’re all so excited for them!

On Friday afternoon, Jas and Happy’s parents, grandparents and extended family met to discuss the future. “I was so excited but a little scared too, as we knew we really wanted to get engaged” said a beaming Jas. “All the family were delighted, and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon together.”

Japs and Haps are hoping to get married in 2022. Jas is already planning a trip to India in the New Year to purchase her ‘Lehenga’, the beautiful Indian dress traditionally worn for ceremonial occasions.

Meanwhile, plans are underway for a whole week of wedding festivities, including the Anand Karaj, the traditional Sikh marriage ceremony. Anand Karaj means ‘ceremony of joy’, what a special way for Jas and Haps to start their married life together.

Jas joined Penny Post as an Apprentice in 2017, working in our Customer Services Team. In 2019 she was promoted to Customer Service Team leader, before joining the Senior Leadership Team in April this year, as Chief Operations Officer. A CU Futures & DEEU graduate, Tracey Slane Award winner and member of ABCUL’s Young Professionals Network Steering Committee, Jas represents Penny Post across the UK credit union movement.

“2021 has been a great year for me career wise, and now getting engaged really is the icing on the cake” said Jas. “Haps and I are so excited and are looking forward to a long and happy life together.”

Congratulations again Jas and Haps from everyone at Penny Post and the wider credit union community.