Is Now A Good Time To Upgrade The Car?

One of the latest steps in the easing of lockdown has been the re-opening of car dealerships, so is now a good time to upgrade the car?

Some dealerships were operating virtual sales during the main lockdown but in general, sales have been very slow. Re-opening is a chance for car dealerships to make up on lost ground, and many are looking at ways to welcomed back new buyers, albeit with social distancing in place.

Dealerships are itching to sell!

  • Having been out of action during lockdown, many dealerships are down on sales targets and there are plenty of incentives available. According to a recent WhatCar Survey, discounts of up to £11,000 off list price are available for those buyers prepared to do their homework and enjoy a haggle!
  • With the new registration number plates from 1st September, many dealers will be offering ‘special deals’ to clear showroom stock ahead of the launch of new registration vehicles. Due to lockdown, many dealerships will have more stock than usual, and will be looking to offer incentives to buyers.
  • Manufacturers often launch new models to coincide with the new registration number plates on 1st September. Ahead of this, dealerships will be looking to clear ‘discontinued models’, and you could buy a new car for a lot less, just because it is registered a couple of weeks or so before 1st September.
  • And if you want a new model with a 1st September registration plate, now could be a great time to strike a deal! Manufacturers are keen to boost sales too!

Used car showrooms

Second-hand dealers will be looking to kick start sales too! An increased in new car sales over the coming weeks will result in more second hand vehicles in the trade, and this could mean a great deal for you.

Do your homework!

Before going out to buy a car, its well worth taking time to think about what you really need from a car. That way you’re in the driving seat, and are in the best position to negotiate a great deal –

  • What are my essential requirements? Enough room for the family/pets? A cheap car to run? A sporty little number?
  • Does the car need to do anything specific? This could include towing a trailer or caravan, or fitting into a small space.
  • What will you be using it for? Is it for short trips around town, or longer motorway journeys?
  • Consider the fuel – petrol or diesel, or are you looking for an electric or a hybrid car? The fuel you want to use can make a big difference in the model you might choose and future running costs.
  • Do I need a large boot? Consider whether you need room for sports equipment, hobbies, or a pushchair and other baby items?
  • Insurance group? Car insurance groups can make a big difference to the premium you pay. Use a car insurance group checker to see what group a car is in.

How are you going to pay?

It is far easier to do a deal when you have the cash ready in your bank. Money is always a great help when negotiating! So before you start your journey to upgrading the car, consider a Penny Post loan, with convenient repayments, straight from your pay.