Hannah’s Cu Futures Experience

In May last year, Penny Post Customer Services Administrator, Hannah Copson, was one of only 8 young people in the UK to be accepted onto the CU Futures programme.

We ask Hannah to update us on her CU Futures experience ahead of her graduation next month –

“After completing my apprenticeship with Penny Post in 2018, I was one of eight individuals selected to complete the CU Futures programme. This is a 12 month program combining an industry standard qualification with personal development, on the job learning, and networking at a series of high profile events.

Since starting the program last May I’ve been given a number of opportunities, from visiting other credit unions in the West Midlands, to understand how they operate, and gaining a qualification with ‘Pacific Institute’ in high performance culture. I’ve experienced networking events with other credit union professionals throughout the UK. I have also attended a media training day in London. This has helped me gain presentational skills, which I will definitely put to use in the end of program project next month in Manchester.

During the program I’ve had various modules to complete. These have allowed me to gain knowledge in different aspects of the business that I had little experience of, such as finance and governance. However, I now have a wider understanding of these areas, meaning I can incorporate them into my daily job and become an asset to the business.

The program has not been easy in the slightest and I feel following on from the course, I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding the credit union sector. It has also helped me understand the importance and impact that young professionals have on credit unions. I encourage other people who qualify for the program to apply, especially if you are looking to further your career in this profession. I feel CU Futures has had a positive influence on my confidence. It has allowed me to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone numerous times. I’m so thankful for the support I have received from my colleagues at Penny Post, along with the staff at ABCUL. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!”

Upon successful completion of the programme, Hannah and the other CU Futures students will graduate in March at the annual ABCUL Conference.

Good luck Hannah, we’re so proud of you!