Farewell Jayne!

We’re feeling a little sad today, as we say goodbye to Penny Post Finance Officer, Jayne Walker, who is moving on to pastures new. Jayne has been a member of the Penny Post team for many years, and we’re really going to miss her.

Previously a Penny Post Board member, Jayne joined the office team in July 2013, as an Administrator after taking redundancy from Royal Mail. During her time with Penny Post, Jayne has covered most roles, and her experience, dedication and friendly nature have made her popular with members and colleagues alike, despite having the desk in the ‘naughty corner’ for many years!

Over the years, Jayne’s enjoyed a varied career, including nursing, working at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton, and many years with Royal Mail at the North West Midlands Mail Centre. Jayne started on the operational floor at weekends, before moving to the Accident Management Unit (AMU) where she struck up a friendship with 2 colleagues, Nikki Dutton and Sharon Webster, who together were known as ‘The 3 Amigos’!

Jayne is also well known for her ‘lucky streak’! Over the years she’s won many competitions including a 2 week holiday in the Caribbean, and whenever we have a raffle in the office, Jayne is guaranteed to win!

There are many great memories of Jayne’s time with Penny Post, but here’s a favourite! After using her hole punch, Jayne couldn’t understand why her computer mouse had stopped working! She climbed under her desk to check the cable, but all was fine. Mystified, Jayne picked up the mouse again, and discovered it was no longer attached to the cable … she had cut her mouse lead in half with the hole punch without knowing!

Always cheerful, friendly and fun, usually first in the office each morning, a great ‘tea maker’, and responsible for the Friday breakfast sandwich run, the Penny Post team is going to miss Jayne very much!

With lockdown and the team working remotely, we’ve postponed Jayne’s leaving party for the moment, but yesterday morning, the team surprised Jayne with a special virtual meeting, reminiscing and sharing memories!

Good luck in your new role Jayne … we will miss you, so make sure you keep in touch!