CU Futures Selection For Lewis

Congratulations to Penny Post Customer Services Administrator, Lewis Price, on being selected for this year’s CU Futures programme, the young professionals’ development programme delivered in partnership by ABCUL and the Credit Union Foundation.

After he completed the ‘launch event’ last week, we catch up with Lewis ….

Why did you apply to CU Futures?

My colleagues Jas & Hannah recommended CU Futures. Both have completed the programme, and regularly praised it as one of the best ways to progress in the credit union sector.

Once I’d applied, I felt relieved at taking the initiative.

How did you feel when you knew you had been selected for CU Futures?

Excited and nervous! Excited because it is a new opportunity and a massive step in my career, but nervous because its something new.

The course had more applicants then places so it’s an honour to have a spot. I will not waste this opportunity.

CU Futures gives me the opportunity to meet like-minded people that also want to progress in the credit union sector. I believe networking is key, as people can teach me what they have learnt during their time, and I hope people can learn from me too. I want to make the most of this opportunity and want to shape the credit union sector in a positive way and in turn grow as a person.

What was the launch meeting like?

The launch session to meet my peers was a Zoom call – this was strange in itself to start with, due to the current climate we find ourselves in at the moment.

I feel so much more comfortable now, meeting and seeing everyone with the same mind-set. Finding peers that have the same optimism and hunger to grow radiates in our group and we can only succeed from here.

We have already created a WhatsApp group that we use daily to keep in touch and seem to be growing as a family unit already.

So what does CU Futures entail?

I will be a part of a group that will work together and learn about credit unions, sharing ideas with others and bringing back new initiatives to our own offices too. We are all from diverse credit unions, some industrial and some community. This is a major difference for me to see and understand, and I am keen to learn how we both still provide a key service to such a high standard to our differing customers. I have some core models to learn, and I will also be benchmarking with two different credit unions where I will visit their environment and see how they function on a day to day basis.


Good luck Lewis, we’re all so proud of you!