CU Futures Graduation For Lewis

Last May, we were thrilled when Penny Post Customer Services Administrator, Lewis Price, was selected for the CU Futures programme, the young professionals’ development programme delivered in partnership by ABCUL and the Credit Union Foundation.

After all the excitement of his online ‘Graduation Ceremony’ at the recent virtual ABCUL Conference, we catch up with Lewis to find out more about his CU Futures experience.

“Now that CU Futures has finished, I feel proud and relieved! The scheme this year was very different compared to other years as the pandemic stopped a lot of what the programme is good for. I do believe that I had missed out on the social aspect of CU Futures, but I’m also grateful that I was able to experience this, even in the current circumstances.”

“I felt a sense of relief when I finished giving my presentation! I may seem like a person who can just talk all the time publicly, but presenting has always been a fear of mine as I’ve lacked confidence. This presentation felt different, although I’m not sure if it was because I had grown as a person over the last year and the program had brought the confidence out of me to do it, or if it was because I was presenting it on Zoom! Either way I feel a great sense of achievement, as me and my partner Jake (who we have never met in person!) were able to write up a report and a give the presentation all in the space of three weeks.”

“The content of our presentation is a massive aspiration of mine and something I’m passionate about – development and retention inside the Credit Union sector. For me, development is key for any organisation. As a member of staff of Penny Post Credit Union, I can wholeheartedly say that the forefront of the company is to develop its employees so we are all constantly learning and growing as people. It feels a bit surreal to be honest. A part of me can’t believe that I have finished the course in the last year, and then the other part of me is feeling complete and empowered.”

“I have never met any of the members of my CU Futures cohort this year (we have only ever spoken on either Zoom or Whatsapp). I’d like to say I’m a good judge of character and all seven of my group members are young aspirants who are looking to progress in the sector. Being around this type of people has motivated me to do even better.”

“I would say to anyone who is looking to develop, that the key to success is to find people like yourself who are hungry to learn. Being with aspiring and like-minded people naturally brings out the best in us all.”

“Now that I have graduated, it’s time to take the skills I have learnt and use them in my role in Penny Post Credit Union. I believe now with everything that CU Futures has taught me about Credit Unions and myself, I can become an asset in the workplace.”

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Penny Post. They have supported me from the start of my career and helped me develop, and I hope one day I can help them by being the best version of myself.”

Congratulations Lewis, we’re really proud of you!