Congratulations Tracey!

Congratulations to Penny Post’s Project & Operations Officer, Tracey Moore, on her 20th Anniversary with Penny Post. What an achievement!

“It doesn’t seem like 20 years, it has flown by,” said Tracey. “I only started on one day a week, a Friday, and I started on Friday 13th! I spent most of the day writing cheques, as members could get their money out on Fridays.”

In May this year, we also celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Louise Ingleby, Penny Post’s CFO. Louise worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and when then General Manager, Roy Cole, was looking for help on a Friday, Louise asked Tracey if she would be interested in the job.

“Tracey joined me to help on Fridays; Louise did not work on that day”, explained Roy. “It was a steep learning curve for Tracey, she had not worked outside the home for a while and it was totally different from her previous work experience. However, she coped with the credit union work magnificently, which was excellent, especially as we changed our policy and procedures almost every week!”

“There were times when I needed to leave the office, I knew Tracey could cope and she did. A particularly incident took place while I was away. A customer with obvious anger issues paid a visit to the office. Luckily, Tracey managed to calm him down and call reinforcements from a Royal Mail employee who was nearby. All ended well.”

“Tracey has always been good with customers. Throughout all the changes over the years and added responsibilities, Tracey has proved to be a perfect credit union representative, colleague and friend,” said Roy.

When Tracey joined Penny Post, the office was only open 4 days a week, closed on Mondays. When the credit union decided to open 5 days, Tracey added Mondays to her working week. “As Friday was pay day, it was the busiest day, followed by Mondays,” remembers Louise, “so poor Tracey ended up with the 2 busiest days of the week! Over the years’ Tracey has done everything, and has always been prepared to roll up her sleeves and muck in as required!”

As Penny Post grew, Tracey focussed on Customer Services. Always putting members first, always supportive of team members, and with an eye for detail, Tracey was the perfect choice for the Supervisor role, which she held until last year. Wanting to spend more time with her new grandson, Tracey opted to reduce her work hours, and now focuses on HR and projects.

With the latest Covid-19 restrictions and the team working remotely, we aren’t able to share Tracey’s 20th anniversary as we had wished, but everyone was very keen to do something to celebrate this special day. Over the last week the team each recorded a message, which we made into a video for Tracey. This morning we hosted a surprise virtual team meeting, pictured below, and even enjoyed a guest appearance from Tracey’s grandson!

Thank you, Tracey, for all you have done for Penny Post over your first 20 years, from the Board and all the team! Keep up the great work!