Car Buyers Guide

With the new 71-plate in car showrooms this week, September is traditionally a big month for car sales.  For many of us, buying a car is the second largest purchase we will make during our lifetime, and it can be daunting.  To help you navigate your next vehicle purchase, we’ve put together a free Car Buyers Guide for our members.

Did you know the car market has been impacted by Covid-19?  Which local authorities have already introduced clean air zones and when will the sale of new petrol and diesel cars end?  From insurance to fuel types, optional extras to finance options, we’ve got you covered!

In our Car Buyers Guide we highlight some of the positives and negatives of petrol, diesel, hybrid and fully electric cars, and link you to further information.  Wondering about an online car buying service or have you considered a ‘nearly new’ car?   We look at car brokers, franchised dealers and online car buying services to help you assess your buying options.

For many of us, finding affordable car insurance can be a minefield.  In our Car Buyers Guide we have some great tips to help, including how the way you describe your job, legitimately of course, could affect your premium.  And did you know a monthly payment plan for your insurance is essentially a high interest loan, and a Penny Post loan could be a cheaper option? 

Finally, we’ve created a handy Car Buyers Checklist, with some useful hints and tips to make sure your next vehicle purchase is best for you!  So, what are you waiting for, click here to check out our free Car Buyers Guide.

Looking to upgrade your wheels?

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