Jam Jar Account

A handy ‘extra’ instant access savings account!

Withdraw funds whenever you wish!

Savings earn a competitive annual dividend*

The Jam Jar account is a handy ‘extra’ instant access savings account, perfect for putting money aside for a special project, a special occasion, or unexpected bills. Savings in your Jam Jar account are ‘separate’ from your Regular Shares account, helping you save, but are easily accessible when needed.

Saving into a Jam Jar Account is flexible – save regularly or add lump sums whenever you wish. Small amounts saved can soon add up – use our handy Savings Calculator to see how much you can save. Login to Online Banking to open a Jam Jar Account today!

Benefits of a Jam Jar Account

*Dividends are not guaranteed. The rate payable is dependent on financial performance and voted on by members at the Annual General Meeting.

Things you should know
  • Exclusive to Penny Post members, the Jam Jar Account runs alongside a member’s Regular Share account, and does not replace it.
  • Like all Penny Post saving accounts, members’ money is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) currently to the value of £85,000. For more information visit the FSCS website.
Terms & Conditions
  • Members must continue to save at least £2 weekly or £10 monthly in their Regular Shares account whilst saving in a Jam Jar Account.
  • Savings attract an Annual Dividend.
  • Savings in the Jam Jar Account cannot be used as security against a loan.
  • Effective from 1st March 2021, member deposits are restricted to a total of £1,000 per month across all Penny Post accounts.
  • The total balance in all your Penny Post saving accounts cannot exceed £50,000.
  • Other terms and conditions may apply.

Online Banking

Manage your account, request withdrawals, apply for loans and so much more…

How much can I save?

Members deposits are limited to £1,000 each month, across all their Penny Post savings accounts. 

Savings Calculator

Use our savings calculator to see how much you could save

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