Recommend a colleague & get £10

Great news! We’ve increasing the Member Bonus we pay to thank you for recommending Penny Post membership to colleagues. You’ll now receive a £10 Member Bonus to say ‘thank you’, when you recommend Penny Post membership to a work colleague.

As members know, savings and loans straight from your pay is so easy. If you love being a Penny Post member, please spread the word, share your experiences with work colleagues and help us give them the same great service!

How do I recommend a colleague & receive £10?

  1. Recommend Penny Post membership to a work colleague
  2. Your colleague includes your name in the ‘recommended by’ box on our membership application form (see picture below)
  3. The £10 Member Bonus will be credited to your Regular Savings account once the new member’s application has been processed.
  4. There is no limit to the number of people you can recommend – you’ll receive a £10 Member Bonus for each colleague who includes your name in the ‘recommended by’ box on our membership application form.

If your colleague is a little unsure, perhaps suggest they check out these great benefits of joining here. And… once their a member, they can earn a £10 member bonus by recommending Penny Post membership to a colleague too!

For 25 years Penny Post has proudly provided financial services as a free benefit to Royal Mail Group, Parcelforce Worldwide and Post Office Limited employees and their families living at the same address. Created by members, owned by members and run for the benefit of members… members really are at the heart of everything we do!

By helping members save regularly, and borrow when they need to, straight from their pay, Penny Post helps members improve their financial resilience. From time to time, life throws the unexpected, but by having savings and access to affordable loans, Penny Post can help members overcome financial pressure.

So go on, help your colleagues by recommending Penny Post membership today!

Please note – the £10 Member Bonus is only for work colleagues who join and save by payroll deduction. Whilst family members living in a member’s household are welcome to join, they do not qualify for this incentive.