Could a debt consolidation loan help?

If you’re struggling with multiple repayments to existing loans, overdrafts, credit cards, and store cards, a debt consolidation loan, like our Swap & Save loan, could be something to consider. By tidying up your finances and save you money by consolidating your existing lending into one manageable repayment with a lower rate of interest.

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, sayings consolidating your existing debts is “logical and sensible”, so let’s take a look at how our Swap & Save loan can help save you money…

What is a debt consolidation loan?

Juggling multiple repayments can make your finances complicated. By consolidating all your borrowing into one manageable repayment with a lower interest rate, we can help you tidy up your finances and reduce the amount you repay each month.

Our Swap & Save Loan allows you to borrow to pay off your existing lenders. As a result, you are left with one easy to manage regular repayment!

Why choose our Swap & Save loan?

Our Swap & Save loan is helping our members saving over £12,000 every month by…

  • One fixed regular payment – Our Swap & Save Loan means just one repayment each payday. Numerous payments, on different days to different lenders, can be a thing of the past!
  • One interest rate –Make life simple and slash your repayments with one competitive, clear interest rate! Our loans have no hidden fees, and can clear your expensive bills with existing lenders into one manageable and affordable regular payment at just 16.9% APR.
  • One clear end date – By consolidating your existing lending, we will pay your existing lenders directly and you will have a clear end date for your loan.

To make consolidating your debt even more straightforward, we’ll do the legwork by paying your existing lenders directly. All that is left for you to do is close the account with them once the debt has been cleared.

Try our new Swap & Save loan calculator to see if we could save you money

Our new Swap & Save calculator allows you to enter your existing debts. Whether you have credit card debts, overdrafts or personal loans, enter the amount you owe and your current repayment. Hit ‘calculate’ to see if our Swap & Save loan could save you money!

Try our new Swap & Save loan calculator here

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