Charissa Selected For CU Futures

Congratulations to Penny Post Finance Officer, Charissa Roswess, on being selected for the CU Futures programme! CU Futures is a 10-month intensive development course for younger credit union professionals. A one-of-a-kind development opportunity, delivered by ABCUL and the Credit Union Foundation, CU Futures aims to develop young professionals and help them further their career within the credit union sector.

Charissa is the 4th Penny Post team member to be selected for CU Futures after Jas, Hannah & Lewis completed the programme in previous years. We caught up with her to find out more about why she applied for the programme, and how she found her first session.

Why did you apply to CU Futures?

“I applied because I feel like it’s a great opportunity! It seems that Jas, Hannah & Lewis have learnt so much from the programme! I feel like there is a lot I’m going to learn that’s going to help me get further along in my career.”

How did you feel when you knew you had been selected for CU Futures?

“I was so nervous that I didn’t open the email! I saw it and just continued working, then thought I’ve got to open it up! I could see something like ‘Hi Charissa’ and I was thinking it’s either going to say unfortunately, or congratulations! When I finally opened it, I was really happy to see that I was successful because only 8 people were selected for CU Futures in the whole of the UK!”

What are you looking forward to most?

“I’m excited about meeting everybody else and working with other people who work in different Credit Unions seeing how they do things differently, hopefully, I can bring back some good ideas!”

How was the Programme Launch Event?

“The first session was so informative and exciting! We covered topics such as culture and performance in a credit union and I found working over Zoom to be so much more interactive than working in a classroom! In the second session the teacher asked me to sing to everyone on the course over Zoom! He’d asked everybody if they would sing at the Royal Albert Hall, and I said ‘yes’ so he made me sing! We also covered some more interesting subjects such as personal development, how we react to things in life and trying new things in the workplace.”

Well done again Charissa, we’re really proud of you! We look forward to catching up with you again to hear what you’ve been up to!