5 top tips for booking a cruise holiday

Thinking of a cruise as your next well-earned break? Here to help members, we’ve got 5 top tips for booking your cruise holiday to help you save £££ and have a great time!

Going on a cruise doesn’t need to break the bank, and with a bit of thought and planning, cruises can be affordable vacations creating lifelong memories.

1) When you book is important

Most cruise lines increase their prices as the ship sells out. Booking early may help you secure the lowest price, and you’ll get more choice of cabin types, locations and dining times.

If you’re more spontaneous and like to book ‘last minute’, purchasing the last remaining tickets can help you bag a cheaper deal as cruise lines often drop their prices or offer promotions. You can find cheaper deals on last-minute sites, and you’ll be surprised with how many options there are, if you aren’t picky on location or cabin type. Remember, operators would rather have passengers on board at a discounted price, than empty cabins!

2) All-inclusive or Pay as you go?

If you’d prefer not to take your wallet to dinner every night when on board, an all-inclusive cruise is worth considering. Some of our favourite cruise lines include everything from drinks, wi-fi and even specialty restaurants, too.

Remember to compare the pros and cons of an all-inclusive package. If you aren’t partial to a tipple or 2 at dinner, or you’d rather pay for what you eat and the facilities you use, opting for the all-inclusive option may end up costing you more.

3) Choose your cabin carefully

Where you’ll be sleeping during your holiday is an important decision. If you’re travelling with family, balcony cabins often offer a sofa bed, so you could save money by having adults and children in one cabin. However, if you’d rather not spend your vacation sharing a room with your little ones, you could opt for separate cabins with adjoining doors or across the corridor!

4) Travel in off-peak season

Whilst the edges of seasons are becoming blurred, there are still off-peak bargains to be found! If you are flexible on when you sail, you can experience the Mediterranean or the Caribbean for a fraction of the cost, enjoy the sunshine and have a fantastic holiday!

5) Consider travelling on an older ship

The newest ships with state-of-the-art attractions can cost an arm and a leg! If the weather and nice restaurants and more important to you than the latest water slides, you could save yourself £££!

Cruise lines maintain older ships and often give them huge makeovers, adding even better restaurants and attractions than when the ship first set sail. You’ll hardly notice you’re on a 20-year old ship, but your wallet certainly will!

If you want a hassle-free way to see the world, a cruise could be the holiday for you. Remember to use our 5 top tips for booking your cruise holiday to help you save £££ and have a great time!

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