Meet Jim

Jim, from Hampshire, has been a loyal Penny Post member for nearly 10 years!

Back in June 2021, also known as Refer-A-Colleague month, Jim encouraged his colleagues to join Penny Post. Jim loves being a member of Penny Post and says the “competitive return on his savings and the easy-to-use Nivo App” are amongst the best things of being a credit union member.

Jim is passionate about helping his colleagues improve their financial wellbeing and he was crowned one our our lucky winners of Refer-A-Colleague month 2021! “I was shocked! I could not believe it! I had to send Penny Post a message on Facebook to confirm it was real!” said Jim when we contacted him with the good news!

It’s great to see existing members encouraging people to join Penny Post so more Royal Mail employees and their families can reap the benefits of being a member!

We’re proud members like Jim are confidently encouraging friends, family and colleagues to join us and we can’t wait to see what the next 10 years hold!