Meet Chris

Tell us a little about your job

“I was a Royal Mail postman for 27 years and really enjoyed it. I started working for Royal Mail straight from education really, and I was so happy being a postie for so long! After nearly three decades with Royal Mail, I decided to retire early. Now I’m enjoying my time as a part-time wedding photographer!”

When we got in touch with Chris for part of our Meeting Member series, Chris shared how he thoroughly enjoys his new venture and we laughed and shared our funny wedding stories!

How has Penny Post helped you?

“I have been a member with Penny for over 23 years! I saved straight from my pay with Royal Mail for throughout my time there thought it was brilliant! I never missed the money because it never actually went into my bank so then it was always a nice surprise when I checked my account and I saw how much I had saved. When I left my Royal Mail I set-up a Standing Order to continue saving regularly. Setting up my Standing Order was so simple and now I have been saving £10 a month without a second thought.

I recently received a phone call from Caitlin at Penny Post. When chatting to Caitlin, she let me know how much I had saved through my Standing Order. I couldn’t believe it! I was amazed I had managed to save that much without realising! Penny Post really is with you for life”

Do you have any future plans?

“My savings balance came as such a pleasant surprise to me, I don’t actually know what I plan to spend it on! I do know that saving via Standing Order has been hassle-free and I’m thrilled I have my savings as a comfort blanket or even to treat myself and the family when the time comes!”

What would you say to someone who is considering joining Penny Post?

“100%, without a doubt! I would absolutely recommend joining Penny Post Credit Union to those who aren’t yet members! It has been so easy to save for over 20 years and when I changed careers it was seamless to save through my Standing Order.

I first heard about the Penny Post from a long serving fellow worker at Royal Mail, next chance I had signed up for a small amount every week, never missed it in my wages and left it ticking over for several years, adding a few pounds more after I’d quit smoking, it’s now a sizable amount! It really is the best way to save for a nest egg. A little bit saved regularly for a long time adds up to be a lot of money!”

Thank you for sharing your story, Chris!