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Regular saving with Penny Post Credit Union offers the security of FSCS protected savings alongside options for flexible and easy to access loans.

Reasons to save with Penny Post Credit Union:

  • Easy way to save through payroll deduction
  • Quick access to your savings
  • You can apply for flexible and affordable Credit Union loans
  • Savings earn a competitive Annual Dividend*
  • Easy to change or stop your payroll deductions if your circumstances change
  • Wide range of accounts to suit every circumstance
  • Your savings are covered up to £75,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) (the same as banks and building societies)

* The dividend is dependent on the performance throughout the year and current regulations. It is agreed by the Board of Directors and members at the Annual General Meeting.


Regular Savings Account (Share Account)
Members can save as little as £2 a week (£10 a month salaries) in their Regular Savings Account. An Annual Dividend is paid on this account, dependent on surplus, regulations and agreement by members at the AGM. Please note the onus is on each member to declare this account to the Inland Revenue. Dividend rate is declared at the AGM and posted gross to members’ accounts.

Regular savings can be used to reduce the interest payable on a credit union loan.  Please see Loans.

Jam Jar Account
Where savings can be kept separate for any purpose. Can be used for regular savings and/or lump sums. Apply by phone or email.

Plus+ Account
Only two withdrawals a year are permitted with this account but it does offer a 0.5% higher dividend than the Regular Savings Account.

Christmas Account
Save up for Santa: this account runs throughout the year but withdrawals are only permitted in November and December, just in time for Christmas. It offers a 1% higher dividend than our Regular Savings Account.

PRIME Interest Account
A monthly interest paying account open to members who have been with credit union for over five years. Currently offering 1.5% AER (variable) gross.


The easiest way to withdraw part, or all (except £1 to keep your account open), of your savings is by transfer directly into your bank account. By completing a ‘Transfer Authority Form’ and posting it into us, it will authorise the credit union to make the transfer on request by text, email or phone.  Additionally, once a member has Registered to use our website, transfer can be made over the internet.

Click hear to download a ‘Transfer Authority Form’