We have simplified our loans! Members can now apply for a Personal Loan as soon as we receive the first payroll deduction.

Personal Loan:

As soon we receive the first payroll deduction members can apply for a Personal Loan up to £2,000.  Members have the option to wait until they have saved for six weeks and apply for a maximum of £6,000.

There is no minimum amount, small loan applications are welcome.

Interest is charged daily on the loan balance, at 26.8% APR for loans up to £3,999, and 19.6% APR for loans between £4,000 and £6,000. Loans can be repaid at any time without any ‘extra’ charges.

Attached Loan:

With this loan you can apply for up to four times your savings after six weeks saving. The interest rate is a competitive 11.7% APR. Members need to keep the equivalent of 25% of the outstanding loan balance in their savings throughout the loan.